Oh yes you can bike to the beach with your surfboard


Now that Peter’s gone, someone has to step up and cover surfing stuff. And since I grew up in Minnesota, to say that I’m an expert on surfing culture, surfing technology, and surfing equipment would be a colossal understatement — Minnesota is THE center of the surfing universe. So let’s take a look at this weird-but-wonderful surfboard bike rack.

Picture, if you will, a bicyclist trying to transport a surfboard to the beach. Hilarity at best, catastrophic at worst. Now picture that same bicyclist with a surfboard suspended above his or her head as if by magic. The future!

The future, or ACG Surf Racks (which have apparently been out for a while). T’is a pipey suspension system that holds a surfboard above a bicycle, making it easy to navigate traffic and with the added benefit of providing some shade for the biker.

They’re available at a few shops in California and a couple places in New Jersey sell them as well — not entirely sure on the price but they probably cost less than a car with a surfboard rack.

ACG Surfracks [ACGSurfracks.com via Wired]