Sony Blows It, episode 57: In which the PSP Go is garbage

A year from now, or maybe two, when Sony has actually figured out what it’s doing with its online store, managed copies, and other details, the PSP Go might just be a good buy. Of course, they will have to lower the price by a hundred dollars, and I don’t think 16GB is going to cut it for long, and they’ll want to upgrade the wireless hardware too. But once those things are done… oh, who am I kidding? They’ll come out with the Go Plus and charge $300 for it.

We’ve been skeptical of the PSP Go since before it was announced, and now that skepticism has flowered into a righteous contempt. Everyone’s trashing the system, from its micro-sized controls to its slow wireless. Its saving graces (nice screen, more portable, great new save feature) are afterthoughts when compared with Sony’s thoughtlessness when it comes to actually getting and playing games on the thing. Not to mention the $50 premium, which won’t exactly entice new gamers.

While the PS3 Slim was a pleasant surprise in Sony’s increasingly baffling strategy in the gaming sector, the PSP Go is a dog. It’d be in the dustbin already if it weren’t Sony’s probable intention to make it the only handheld they make and move their PSP system entirely online. An interesting idea, but the PSP Go is a mighty poor start.