Video: Fighter freaks out over his terrible stats at EA Sports MMA meeting

“Funny” videos on the Internet are often abysmal, but this one I like. I’d describe it, but suffice to say, that’s why it’s a video. For. You. To. Watch.

In other MMA news, The Ultimate Fighter from the other day, where Kimbo Slice lost to that IRL IFL guy, was the highest rated MMA show in American history. Some 5.3 million people tuned in for the show, with 6.1 million tuning in for the fight itself.

It’s safe to say that Kimbo is a huge draw. He still has zero ground game, but give him time. There’s no way UFC is gonna botch this guy’s career; entirely too much money is at stake.

CORRECTION! Yeah, IFL, not IRL. Finger slipped–the r is right next to the f!–and it must have gotten past our team of highly skilled copy editors.