Darth Vader on the highway

This is not the car he was driving.

Despite cutting a impressive figure at 2.02 meters, having the finest weaponry and starfighters Imperial credits can buy, and controlling the Force, it seems that Darth Vader has gotten stuck on the side of the road.

Dave Prowse was the physical form of Darth Vader for the original Star Wars trilogy, with James Earl Jones as the voice. The BBC reports that Lord Vader was en route to the 501st UK Garrison’s (which ironically is dubbed “Vader’s Fist”) reunion at the National Space Center in Leicester when his car broke down. Traffic officers assisted Lord Vader in getting from the M1 in Northamptonshire to the event. Officer Chapman later remarked, “Meeting Darth Vader is definitely one of the strangest situations I’ve been in.”

The car that Lord Vader was driving also has a interesting bit of history to it. The Mercedes was previously owned by actor Kenny Baker. At only 1.12 Imperial standard meters (which are identical to Earth measurement units), Mr Baker was the man inside R2-D2 for the original trilogy. Lord Vader told the BBC, “He used to keep a little ladder inside the boot so he could climb up and put his suitcases inside. When he had finished, he’d put the ladder back and used a cord to shut the boot. I decided to leave the cord there as a reminder of the car’s previous owner.”