Oops: AT&T sells Windows Mobile 6.5 phones a little early

So WinMo 6.5 is just about to break, and of course, like any company launching a new product, Microsoft would like all the news and handsets and what have you to hit at the same time — overpowering your senses and causing you to speak in tongues. But that won’t happen, first because most of the details of the new OS and phones are pretty well-known, and second because an AT&T store just sold a Pure (i.e. a Touch Diamond 2) to someone at Mobility Digest. Oops!

There’s not a lot to say — it’s a launch phone and it looks solid, but it’s not the most exciting handset we’ll be seeing with 6.5 on it. It’s looks kind of brickish, actually. I’ll leave the reviewing to more able hands, but the pricing is confirmed by a commenter as follows:

$149.99 w/ 2-year contract, after $50 mail-in rebate
$349.99 no-commitment
$30/month data plan required

Indeed. Stop by your local AT&T and maybe you’ll get lucky too.

[Via WMPowerUser]