Jinni Hits Public Beta With Video Discovery Engine

Jinni-new-logoFinding a movie to watch on a rainy Friday night can be like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. Jinni is a content discovery system, or as the makers prefer to call it a “taste engine”, for movies and TV shows which addresses this problem. The service has today gone into public beta.

Most of us choose movies based on rather amorphous criteria like mood or an association with another movie we like. But categorisations like genre are usually too wide. On Jinni you can search for movies and TV shows based on mood terms like “witty”, “stylized” or “disturbing” or plot elements like “unlikely couple” or “ambition”. Links are provided to sites like Amazon, Netflix and iTunes (and for European users LOVEFilm) where you can buy or rent the content.

Jinni’s most obvious rival is Netflix, but the founders of Jinni see the two services as complementary with Netflix’s main focus being content delivery while Jinni does discovery. There are many other recommendation engines (e.g. Tastekid, Clerkdogs, Criticker) with the the closest probably Nanocrowd, but Jinni’s interface and functionality could give them a run for their money.