Nonoba's "Ning For Gaming Sites" To Power Indian Gaming Platform Zapak

Earlier this year, we wrote about Nonoba’s GameRise, a “Ning for Flash games” that lets anyone create a gaming website. India’ largest casual gaming platform, Zapak, is now using GameRise as a white-label solution to power the portals for its multi-player games. Zapak’s single player games will rest on an additional GameRise-powered site. Reliance-owned Zapak, which has more than 6 million registered users, contains more than 5,000 games on its platform.

GameRise is essentially a CMS that makes developing and maintaining customized Flash-based gaming sites featuring game catalogs and social services like chat rooms and forums. Part of Nonoba’s monetization plan was to sell GameRise’s API as a white label service. Since its launch in March of 2009, GameRise has signed-up over 100 customers for its white-label offering.

The idea of creating a “Ning-like” gaming portal is innovative but the examples of the sites using GameRise’s white-label service on Zapak is pretty basic and could use a sleeker interface. Mochi Media is doing something similar in the gaming space, but focuses more on monetization, distribution and analytics for Flash games.