Now your MS Paint sketches can be rendered into full-blown photochops
This is utterly insane. A research team from several universities has put together a system whereby you can draw a terrible stick picture sketch, label your blobby objects what they’re supposed to be, and it will essentially photoshop something together for you that meets your criteria. I kid you not. It’s early, experimental, and questionably useful, but it’s just too cool to not share with you guys.


Photosketch uses a sophisticated image filtering system (as well as humans) to pick objects that are what you’ve written and more or less in the position you want them to be. It then takes just the object and pastes it in over the background — whatever you’ve decided that is. It’ll come up with a few composite images, based on different parts, and then you get to choose the one you like. Are you kidding me?



I don’t want to be premature here, but I’d say tentatively that this does appear to be the greatest thing of all time.

They showed it at SIGGRAPH. If this works the way they say it does (and I doubt it does at this point, really), it’d be a party game all to itself. And can you imagine playing with this thing on a tablet? God damn! The future, people!

[via Metafilter]