Palm's first paid application for WebOS goes live

Screen shot 2009-10-05 at [ October 5 ] 2.37.35 PM

Four months after the launch of the Pre, and just a few weeks later than we’d expected, paid application downloads for WebOS arrived today. And what application did Palm choose for their premium premier? What monster of mobile merrymaking would serve as the model for all that follow? Would it be some advanced navigation application, or one that pulled Palm’s hardware to its absolute limits?

No. It’s Air Hockey.

Yeah, yeah – it’s a bit silly. Actually, it’s really silly. But we’ll pretend there’s some logic here: maybe Palm wanted to kick things off with an app that would get downloads, but not too many downloads. Stress testing and all that. Anyway – pardon us, we’re going to go play us some Air Hockey.

[Via Engadget]