Six-foot Link statue for sale on eBay


Monsters under your bed? Yeah, me too. Scary, isn’t it? I hate going to sleep at night! You and I both need one of these six-foot Link statues for protection. Unfortunately, there’s only one for sale on eBay right now. You can have it, I guess. I’ll wait for the next one.

The Link Statue stands almost six feet tall and weighs almost 80 pounds. It ships from Australia, which is going to cost a damn fortune at $500 – unless you’re in Australia, then it’ll cost $200 to $300. That’s in Australian dollars, too, so to the US it’d be $437.25, which is still too rich for my blood – monsters under the bed or not.

The auction ends Thursday afternoon and is already up over $650 (US). I’m guessing the guy who’s selling it has a serious girlfriend now. That’s gotta be the reason. This would be one of the last things I’d sell if I needed extra money.

Nintendo Zelda Link statue [eBay via TechEBlog]