Someone loves chrome logos as much as I do

I can’t get enough of the awesome raised or etched lettering you see on high-end and old-school hardware. You know, like the Leica symbol, or the great old lettering on the backs of cars. It has a very permanent feeling, and these days there isn’t enough of that. Too much plastic, too much dye, too many displays. Luckily for me (and people like me, if there are any), there’s a whole blog dedicated to this kind of stuff.

It’s mostly car lettering, but they recently put of some great shots of some great old Leica and Kodak cameras, so that makes it relevant to this blog. Don’t you want your gear to be this real? To have this kind of weight? I’ve got a Fujifilm Finepix F70EXR on my desk, as well as my two Canon DSLRs and the Casio FC-100. None of these, as excellent as they are, have the same feeling of weight, power, and style that my old Ftb had, and it was basically just a steel brick with a lens on the front.

The blog itself, Chromeography, is mainly just a repackaging of a Flickr stream, which you can see here if you want to get the high quality stuff.