The common peephole finally goes digital


It’s 11:30 PM. You’re all alone. Suddenly!! A knock at the door!! “Who could it be?” you wonder. Oh, two large pizzas just for you. That’s right. You ordered them directly from your TiVo in a fit of self loathing. Better make sure it’s the pizza guy, though. Oh, actually it might be the frozen yogurt you ordered too. Time to use the digital peephole viewer.

Yes, for $138 you too can have your very own digital peephole. Is it far more expensive than the standard peephole? Absolutely. But was it high time that peephole technology finally got an upgrade? Sure.


The thing installs just like a regular peephole and then the camera apparatus snaps into place. The result is a 1.3-megapixel CMOS lens that sends images of whomever’s on the other side of your door directly to a 2.5-inch LCD – no weird peephole angles, either.

Looks like it’s out of stock right now but it is a new product so it might still be slowly making its way to the marketplace.

Product Page [Brinno via Likecool/Red Ferret]