DIY – A wooden hand crank iPhone dock

So you’re finally decided that you have too much finely shaped plastic, aluminum, and steel in your life. You’ve got a woodworking shop in your garage that would make the amish cry, and you just can’t figure out where to put your iPhone when you’re not using. Worry no more friend, you can make a hand crank-able wooden iPhone dock, just like this man did.

Sure, you could go buy a dock for $10 and call it good, but where would you get that sense of accomplishment that only comes from crafting something with your hands?

All joking aside, this thing is pretty cool. It’s something called “Automata” and seems to be a pretty big thing on the web right now. It’s not quite and done to death and steampunk, nor does it have the freakish followers. This is I trend I might be able to get behind. Even though I secretly love steampunk keyboards.

[via Make]