Modern Warfare 2 delayed for the PC, Call of Duty trademarked for movie use


Two things: One, the PC release of Modern Warfare 2 has been delayed by a couple of weeks until November 24, 2009. The console versions are still on track of a November 10, 2009 release.

Second, Hollywood is apparently in need of an all-American, shoot-’em-up, special effects nightmare of a movie because Activision has trademarked Call of Duty for movie use.

There have been a few rumors about a Call of Duty movie in the past but this is the first bit of credible evidence. Apparently Activision filed for a trademark that covers the Call of Duty name “Pre-recorded movies featuring comedy, drama, action, adventure, music, theatrical performances and/or animation.” Not only that, Gamasutra points out that the creative strategist behind Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Robert Bowling, recently twittered that he was in Paris “Talking game films” with the drector of the Hitman film aduptation, Xavier Gens.

You have to imagine that Activision would want to tap the Call of Duty cash cow. The franchise has been responsible for some of the very best FPS games of the decade. It’s too bad that Hollywood will likely out a G.I. Joe-ish, PG-13 movie aimed at 16- to 24-year old boys and slap the Call of Duty name on it.