Rumor: Nikon is releasing a clone of the Leica X1

leica-x1We still don’t know for certain what Nikon is up to on the 15th, but that whole Leica clone rumor from the 2nd is looking better and better. It’s not a huge surprise really, since the new Leica models have really been in the news lately.

Nikon Rumors has heard that the new Leica X1 is actually made by Nikon, so it make sense that the manufacturing and technology is already in place for building a clone – particularly when you see how popular the new Leicas have been. The new camera will reportedly use the same sensor as the D300, which would be a very good thing.

The source also told the NR folks that the new camera may end up modeled after the old Coolpix, with the swivel display. I certainly hope not.