Video putt putt game is really expensive

puttputtPutt putt fanatics, start saving up for your own in-home virtual miniature golf arcade game – at $6,900 plus $550 for shipping, you could probably build an actual course in your backyard for far cheaper.

For the financially unencumbered, though, this may be a worthwhile purchase as you follow your dream of becoming Intergalactic Mini Golf Champion of the Universe.

There are two built-in courses and the actual putting system works by rolling a real-life golf ball toward the base of the 32-inch LCD video screen, at which point “the ball is detected by the game’s computer [and] the virtual world takes over, calculating both the direction and speed of the ball.”

Up to four players can play, and courses include a “casino-themed Las Vegas course or the tiki torch-themed Paradise Island.”

The Video Arcade Miniature Golf Game [Hammacher Schlemmer via Random Good Stuff]