Faculte Streamlines Web-Based Video Presentations For Businesses

Faculte, a startup that presented at last month’s DEMO conference, is looking to help companies produce high-quality video presentations online, without having to deal with the uploading and editing hassles associated with desktop apps. The service can be used for any kind of presentation, but the company is primarily marketing towards businesses looking to create product demos, internal training videos, and customer support movies, among other things.

While there are obviously plenty of options out there for creating presentations, including PowerPoint and Apple’s Keynote, Faculte is looking to offer a solution that’s cloud-based so that presentations (called ‘broadcasts’ by the site) can be easily edited collaboratively. In this sense the app has more in common with online services like SlideRocket and 280slides, with video presentations as its main focus rather than slides.

Faculte broadcasts can include video content, narration, static images, powerpoint slides, and annotation. And unlike most video applications that force you to re-render your content whenever you make a change, Faculte lets you edit things on the fly (all of your edits will also apply to copies of the presentation that have been embedded elsewhere on the web). The service also has a heavy focus on helping businesses manage where their content is distributed — after creating a Faculte presentation, you can secure it with a password and track when it’s watched, and you can charge for access if you’re looking to monetize your content.

The broadcast creation process is pretty straightforward: building the presentation involves dragging and dropping your content — be it video, slides, or images — into the presentation timeline. You can take video from your computer’s webcam or upload your own, and can customize the look and feel of your presentation using templates. Nothing in the broadcast presentation process seems particularly unique, but that means it should be easier for most people to pick up and start using (you can see some of the broadcast creation features in action here).

The company offers its service for free for basic accounts, with premium accounts beginning at $50/month.