Nikon's microscope accessory for your DSLR ruled fun, expensive

Want to take pictures like these? No amount of macro is going to help you there; you need a true microscope accessory, and fortunately Nikon wants to sell you one. For just under $1400, you can get this Fabre Photo EX Camera Microscope and be taking pictures of raindrops on butterflies’ wings in no time.

It’s far from a professional product, but like so many other photo accessories and peripherals, it’s most of the functionality you need at a fraction of the price of the pro version. This one compromises on build quality and attachment, but as you can see in the review, it takes perfectly excellent pictures. Magnification is limited to 66x (if you have a cropped sensor), though that’s plenty for most stuff.

It is mighty expensive, though — and since it’s a Japanese product you have to get it from an importer, which raises the price by nearly 50%. Still, if you must see your sweat glands up close, this is a great way to do it.