Panasonic unveils Lithium-Ion battery module and home fuel cell cogeneration facility

Panasonic has on display at CEATEC a “1.5 kWh battery module [made] from 18650-type (18 mm in diameter x 65 mm in length) lithium-ion battery cells, which are widely used in laptop computers, to provide energy storage solutions for a wide range of environmentally friendly energy technologies.” String a couple of these suckers together to store the juice collected from the solar panels on your house, for example.


If solar power is to sissy for you, maybe you’d be interested in the Panasonic Fuel Cell Cogeneration System, which “generates electricity and hot water simultaneously at home”?
panasonic-fuel-cell-00 panasonic-fuel-cell-00a panasonic-fuel-cell-01 panasonic-fuel-cell-02