The Mountain Goats get a Colbert Bump and, interestingly, it creates a unique music marketing opportunity

I was just watching the Colbert Report and on came the Mountain Goats aka John Darnielle, one of the best indie songwriters out there. The interesting part? The website is streaming his new album for 24 hours, a nice little window for the curious to visit and listen (and, if they’re horrible, horrible people, use a stream catcher to grab the music, but don’t do that.)

In short, in the Venn diagram of TV you have Colbert Report watchers and Mountain Goats listeners. Many of us exist, obviously, but the confluence of these two audiences into one tasty streaming opportunity is quite cool.

There are lots of services out there that allow for music discovery but this seems like a nice way to ensure that an obscure artist gets the attention he or she deserves while also winning over old and new fans of said artist. After all, guys like John Darnielle and Stephen Colbert bring something unreplaceable to each and every day although I won’t go as far as to say that we’re hearing the cogs all slipping at the same time.