Are The Pirate Bay's servers now stored in a nuclear bunker?


I think we’ve all had our fill of The Pirate Bay stories, but here’s one more in the interest of killing five minutes. The site moved its servers from Sweden to Ukraine last week, and rather than have its servers being stored in some random server farm, they’re being stored in a former NATO nuclear bunker. So we think, at least.

Yup, so TPB’s new ISP, CyberBunker, has provided the site with access to a former NATO bunker that can withstand a nuclear attack, as well as Electromagnetic Pulses. That way The Man can’t interfere with your ability to grab that latest DVD rip you have your heart set on.

What’s not known, however, is whether or not the actual servers are inside said bunker. Or maybe they’re in a different bunker, or maybe they’re just somewhere else where nobody can find them.

And interestingly enough, the crazy Dutch anti-piracy organization, BREIN, did attempt to stop the move to Ukraine, but CyberBunker, after a bit of hemming and hawing, refused to bow to the pressure.

All is right in the world.