It's a light that clips onto your glasses. I can't really think of a witty title.

technik1 Kopie

The latest in German engineering, the Nachteule (“night owl” for you non-German-speakers) is a handy little LED light that clips to your glasses for those late night-reading sessions. It looks a bit unwieldy, but I’m sure it’ll get the job done. So will a flashlight. Or using your phone. Or turning the light on.

I imagine this is the sort of device you’ll see in Brookstone, or in  SkyMall magazine right next to the Lord of the Rings sword replicas and Truck Antlers.

Although this does open up a whole realm of solutions in the need-illumination field. Glasses with an integrated camera, which fed data to a HUD mounted on the lenses. You could switch between infrared mode, ultraviolet mode, all sorts of possibilities. Or you could go get some custom eyeballs made.hell_groß