Piano stairs: I can't think of a better way to make people fall to their deaths

On the surface, it’s a cool concept, even one with some merit: when the stairs are funner than the escalator, people will take them more often. So some clever Swedes (with a serious budget) retrofitted this underground transit stop with a keyboard staircase. You know, like in Big, but stairs. That’s right. You’re beginning to see the problem, aren’t you?

See, it’s all well and good when the keyboard is flat and people want to jump all over it and play songs, but this one is really an invitation for people to fall on their faces. Want to play a chord? Try not to die. There’s also the consideration that when there are more than a few people on the stairs, the result must be the most hideous cacophany. Think about it: someone on every stair? It’d be like someone pounding on every key on a piano, again and again. There’s a reason they don’t have audio for that part.

So, while I’m with them in spirit, there are probably a few bugs they should work out first.

[Via Gizmodo and GearFuse]