Rumor: Android will power Barnes & Noble's eReader


With the success of the Kindle clear, it’s no surprise that other booksellers want in on the action too. Barnes & Noble already launched its ebook store and the iRex DR 800SG will be the first device to run it. However, a WSJ report is suggesting that Barnes & Noble is prepping its own, self-branded device. And get this, it might run Android.

The device itself has already made its way to the FCC last month, who is kind enough to provide no details at all. So far we hear though that the reader will rock a 6-inch touchscreen and might come as soon as next month. But this latest rumor about it running Android is kind of novel. (I know)

Think about: Android is a wonderfully open platform. Designers could easily adapt the software to run on an e-ink display. It has been designed for wireless, portability and customization. The system could even be opened up to 3rd party developers who could code new and innovative programs for the reader. If this rumor is true, and Gizmodo claims the source seems knowledgeable enough, B&N might be aiming this at not only the general book reading public, but those of us that love to hack, mod and totally customize our gadgets.