Who is the greatest game hero? You decide!

mvsgTwo game characters enter, one game character leaves. In the ultimate face off, gamers get to vote for their favorite gaming hero of all time. The current match up (as of this moment) is Mario vs. Gordon Freeman.

Personally, I’m rooting for my cousin Gordon. He’s a blast to have at parties (nothing says fun like a gravity-gun) even though he doesn’t say much. He’s also very handy to have around when you’re working on home improvement projects, what with bringing his own crowbar and all. In all seriousness, GameSpot is having the virtual equivalent of a cage match, pitting the most popular characters in video games against each other to decide who is the ultimate hero. They’re at the finals, so hurry up and make your vote know. At least, if you are going to vote for Gordon. Otherwise, here are some pictures of some kittens.