GooSync dumps its free service, goes premium only

GooSync, the synchronisation service that lets you sync a mobile with Google Calendar, tasks and contacts using SyncML, has been going since 2007. But though it’s been running a premium and free version, it’s now dumping the latter entirely. Not an unsurprising move given the growth especially in mobile data use of apps like this, especially with the iPhone.

The company said “Given the exponential demand for GooSync over the last 12 months, it has become increasingly more difficult to continue this high level of service to both Premium and Free users. It is therefore, with regret, that we are now discontinuing our Free service.”

Free version sues will now get a “GooSync Lite” with all the same features as the existing free version which will cost £5.99 a year (approx $10). The GooSync Premium service will costs £19.95 per year, £29.95 for a two year subscription or a lifetime option for £39.95. This allows for a lot more features like full contact syncing, multiple Google calendars etc. GooSync is run out of a Science Park in Wolverhampton in the UK.