If you live in Philadelphia, you have plenty to do this weekend

mapdata Philadelphites (Philadelphanaes? Philadelphonistas? Philadelphonzos?) – Philadelphians! You have your weekend all mapped out for you, assuming you’re a geek.

Start by going to the 2009 Video Game Expo today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Then either at 3:00 or 7:30 on Sunday, swing by the Kimmel Center and catch the magical sound shower that is… Video Games Live. It’s a full orchestra that plays music from video games. You will like it.

Speaking of Magical Sound Shower, here’s Video Games Live playing songs from OutRun.

You’ll recall that OutRun is one of the greatest games in the history of gaming. That is all.

Video Games Live [VideoGamesLive.com]

Video Game Expo 2009 [VideoGame.net]