Is this my new laptop bag? The Chrome Buran

I make no secret of my bag fetish. I love ’em. And what with Seattle winters being as cold and wet as a dog’s nose, I’ve been thinking for a while of getting a weather-resistant laptop bag. My Manhattan Portage is far from a sponge, but I still feel the need to hold my umbrella over it when it’s pouring. I’d rather have something a little more… like this.

The new Buran, from well-known bagmasters Chrome, is lined with “truck tarp,” which sounds pretty waterproof to me. In addition to that, the laptop-holding bit is further protected from the elements, in case… I don’t know. Just in case. It looks like it ratchets down pretty tight, too — I appreciate that, don’t need the cover flopping around all over the place. Makes a noise, and that’s bad news if you’re a ninja.

It’s also a very handsome bag regardless of its ruggedness. I suppose that makes it ruggedly handsome, like Daniel Craig and myself. We’ll see how handsome and rugged it is in real life, anyhow, when I review it.