Motorcycle iPhone kit can be forearm or handlebar mounted


Trying to use a cell phone while riding a motorcycle can’t be an easy task – maybe it isn’t that hard for experienced riders, I have no idea. I’d be all wobbly thanks to a) never having driven a motorcycle in my life and b) having no business trying to operate a phone one-handed while piloting a two-wheeled moving vehicle for the first time. For those of you who can do all that stuff, though, here’s an interesting iPhone motorcycle kit from France.


The MOTO KIT for iPhone consists of a forearm- or handlebar-mounted waterproof iPhone case, an in-helmet hands-free kit, and an optional external battery. The case is available as a standalone product for about $58, the case plus hands-free helmet kit costs $85, and the case, helmet kit, and backup battery costs $160.50 if you need the extra juice.

Shipping from France to the US starts at just over $20 depending on your location.

MOTO KIT for iPhone [ via Likecool]