Another Wiimote for the PS3? You're kidding me

Sony may be coming out with a motion controller of its own, but that’s apparently not soon enough for accessory maker Blaze, which will be putting one out before that. And this one is so familiar to the Wiimote that I’m wondering how long the knockoff is going to stay on the market.

It “thrusts the PS3 gamer into the very heart of the action,” which sounds a bit like it’s thrusting into your heart — let that be a lesson for PR people who write in violent metaphor. And it’s also “ergonomically designed from the ground up,” by which they apparently mean “ergonomically designed from a picture of a Wiimote.” I’d prefer not to see what kind of tacked-on functionality this thing can possibly provide.

At any rate, I wish them the best of luck. Actually, no… no, I don’t.

[via Engadget]