It's time for the MLB to adopt instant replay


Look, I’d be lying if I said I followed baseball this season. I’m a Mets guy, and you just know that, once April hits, you’re in for a reasonably OK season, but one that just looses steam as the months go by. So why bother? What I can say, though, is that, given all this evidence, it’s about time that baseball adopt the instant replay. Correct calls outweigh everything else. We have the technology!

What? The Yankees were playing the Twins the other day, and a Twins batter (Joe Mauer) hit was SHOULD HAVE BEEN called a fair ball. But no! The umpire called the ball foul, thus preventing would very likely would have been a double. The Twins went on to loose, and have since been eliminated from the playoffs. I cannot wait to see all the Yankee hats on the subway now.

What’s the argument against the use of instant replay, that it’ll slow down the game, that it takes away from the game’s purity? Please, baseball stopped being “pure” some time ago, and the game is pretty damn slow as it is; there’s more waiting around than there is action. (Whereas in soccer, the action is more or less nonstop, so checking out an instant reply may well kill the momentum of the game. I don’t care.)

In short, anyone who is against instant replay in baseball (or in any other sport) really needs to get with the program. The integrity of the game is at stake.