LG sort of shows off a solar-powered ebook reader, but not really

Let’s talk about the word “unveiled” on gadget sites. Unveiled is a weasel world. It means “revealed” and suggests that the company in question is showing off something that it will make soon. It is used at CES, for example, with CES Unveiled where you see product that will be announced ahead of time and then actually released much later. So in this case it is more a revelation of things to come, in the biblical sense, and less an actual revelation.

Well, this LG solar ereader is a biblical revelation. We will probably never see it in this configuration and it was made to pay lip service to green ideals because the engineers at LG believe this is the kind of stuff we want.

The real technology here is the .7mm thin solar panel that can charge the reader in about 5 hours. Obviously you have to leave your book out in the sun for 5 hours and it may or may not work behind windows, so you might as well get cosy on a park bench.