Rumor: Verizon to extend their Buy One, Get One Free deal to the BlackBerry Storm2?


We’ll be blunt, here: after its predecessor’s bumpy start, the BlackBerry Storm 2 needs a really, really smooth launch. The BlackBerry Storm launched with handful of nasty bugs and software shortcomings, nearly all of which were fixed within the first few weeks; yet to this day, most people respond to the BlackBerry Storm with “Ack! Isn’t that thing super buggy?”. It looks like Verizon’s fully aware that they need to shine a positive light on the upcoming sequel – and what better way to do so than giving them away for free?

While we can’t speak for its validity, BlackBerry Rocks! just put up a shot of promo flyer reportedly leaked from Big Red themselves. It continues Verizon’s recent trend of Buy-One-Get-One BlackBerry deals (which, by the way, still requires two contracts – it’s the second device thats free), with one notable change: it includes the BlackBerry Storm 2 (shown here, and in most recent leaks, as Storm2). The original Storm came around 5 months before Verizon kicked off the BOGO deal, so it wasn’t too crazy to see them pairing up the sales; but the same deal on launch day? We’ll take two. For the price of one.