This Week, Google Boldly Goes Where It Has Been A Long Time: Mobile

Screen shot 2009-10-12 at 11.17.26 AMLike us, it appears that Google is a big fan of movies and television. It has dubbed this week “Go Mobile” week not for any real product reason, but rather because this week marks the anniversary of the original pilot episode of Star Trek. The rationale is that in that episode, Captain Kirk first uses the Communicator device, one of the first widely-recognized wireless communication tools. If the Communicator had existed at the same time as Google, the thought is clearly that it would have been G-powered.

For its Go Mobile week, Google has unleashed a logo, presumably to use in ads, and it is dedicating some major face time across its blogs to mobile tips and tricks for Google’s services. The first is a big overview of Google’s mobile agenda on its main blog today. They will also be tweeting tips from their official Twitter account. They’ve also set up a simple app to allow any “cadet” to ask questions of the Google Mobile team. People can then vote on these questions, and Google will answer the most popular ones.

Example questions right now are: “What is the phone of choice for the majority of the folks that work on mobile at Google?” — Gee, I wonder what they’ll say. Although we know that plenty of them have iPhones. Another question asks, “Will Google Voice ever get VoIP? Everyone already thinks it has it already.A good question given certain government inquiries.

gomobilelogoWith an onslaught of new, cool Android phones finally coming out, and many more right around the corner, Google is obviously thinking the time is right to step on the gas for its mobile aspirations. Of course, it has really been doing that for a long time, it just didn’t have a Star Trek episode to tie it to.