VIDEO: Vioguard self-sanitizing keyboard uses UV light to kill germs

Short of just building a keyboard entirely of Purell, this is probably the next best thing. Priced at $899, you’ll probably never see the Vioguard self-sanitizing keyboard in your own home (unless you’re really a stickler for cleanliness) but it may find a home in various laboratories or other locations where proper disinfection is a top priority.

The keyboard automatically emerges and retracts from a housing containing a cleaning system that uses ultraviolet light to kill germs. When a user approaches the keyboard, a sensor similar to those found on touchless faucets makes the keyboard slide out for use and when the user walks away, the keyboard retracts into the housing to be cleaned.

Currently available only in Canada, although for the US “it is currently designated as an investigational device… pending U.S. Food & Drug Administration clearance.”

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