AT&T to Colorado: Enjoy our fresh 850 Mhz Spectrum 3G upgrade!


Attention AT&T customers in Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, and along the Front Range…Christmas (Hanuka and/or Kwanza) has come early for you this year thanks to AT&T’s new and improved 850 Mhz Spectrum roll-out across Colorado!

That’s right, Broncos/Rockies/Avalanche/Buffaloes (GO BUFFS!)/Rams/Rapids fans. AT&T has flipped the switch on its 3G network upgrade, (positively?) affecting all the iPhone-toting folks up and down the Colorado Front Range.

According to the press release:

As a result of this upgrade, local customers should experience better 3G wireless connectivity, performance and enhanced in-building wireless coverage. The enhancement also increases network capacity, and is intended to support ever-growing demand for 3G mobile broadband service.

The high-quality 850 MHz spectrum generally results in better in-building coverage. While specific benefits of the additional spectrum will vary by location, AT&T 3G customers should see improved quality and coverage throughout Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, and along the Front Range. AT&T technicians nationwide responsible for monitoring network performance for service quality and coverage have seen significant increases in total 3G data traffic in areas where the 850MHz spectrum has been deployed.

Lucky you, Colorado. First the Broncos start 5-0 for the first time since 1998 (when they won the Superbowl). And now this?!

“Investing in our network across Colorado is critical to serving our customers both in urban and rural areas. We are proud to offer real choices in service, devices and applications with an expanding network to support all of their needs,” said AT&T Colorado President Bill Soards.

If any of you fortunate Coloradans find time between pints of Fat Tire to let us know if/how the upgrade has affected your service, we’d love to hear from ya.