Dynabook TV and TX series: Toshiba to roll out new Blu-ray-powered laptops


Toshiba announced a number of laptops [JP] for the Japanese market today, with a high-spec Qosmio and two powerful netbooks among them. But the company is also ready to roll out two new models in the Dynabook TV and three models in the TX series, with (almost) all of them coming with a Blu-ray drive.

The Dynabook TV series (pictured above) consists of the TV/68 and TV/64. Both come with a 16-inch LCD screen with 1,366×768 resolution, a built-in TV tuner, a remote control and Windows 7 Home Premium as the OS. But only the TV/68 has a Blu-ray drive, a Core 2 Duo P8700 (2.53GHz) processor and a 500GB HDD (price: $2,000). The TV/64 comes with a Celeron T3000 (1.80GHz) CPU, a DVD drive and a 320GB HDD but costs $450 less.


The Dynabook TX notebooks (pictured above) feature a 16-inch LCD screen with 1,366×768 resolution, Windows 7 Home Premium and a Blu-ray drive (they lack a TV tuner and the remote control of the Dynabook TV series). The TX/67 and TX/66 (price: around $1,800) have a 500GB HDD on board, while the TC/65 only has 320GB (it costs over $100 less).

All the notebooks of both series will go on sale in Japan on October 22, but Toshiba hasn’t said yet whether they will ever be sold outside Japan, too.