GPS device alerts you to red light cameras, doesn’t do turn-by-turn directions

redlightcameraRaise your hand if you’ve been caught on camera running a red light (I am raising my hand). Depending upon how often you get caught by red light cameras and how much you have to pay per ticket, this $200 “Red Light Camera Detector” may end up saving you some money and insurance headaches in the long run.

The system has a built-in GPS chip that “compares your automobile’s bearings with an internal database of 6,000 red light and speed camera locations in the U.S. and Canada.” What’s more, the display shows your current position on a street map and “alerts you to the presence of red light cameras with visual and audible cues.”

Though this device walks like a GPS system and talks like a GPS system, it does not function as a GPS system. That is, there’s no turn-by-turn directions or points of interest or anything like that. On behalf of everyone reading this, why not just add in those features and call it a day? It might help justify the $200 price tag.

Up-to-date data can be transferred to the device via USB. The first year of updates is free, while subsequent years will set you back $20 apiece.

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