Lil Jon gets an iPhone App: On par with Snoop Dogg's, shadowed by T-Pain's

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at [ October 13 ] 9.16.28 AM

You know that guy who’s still running around shouting “YEAAAAAAAH” and “OOOOOKAY” 3 years after that Dave Chappelle bit stopped being funny? No longer will he have to rely on his not-quite-accurate impression – as long as he’s got an iPhone. Earlier this morning, the Official Lil Jon Soundboard found its way to the iPhone.

All of the classics are here, like “Yeah!” and “Okay!”, plus a bunch of new family favorites, such as “Bend over!” and “Lets do it!”. Imagine how much better every conversation will be now that you’ve got Lil Jon in your pocket!

Of all the iPhone apps built for rappers (that, by the way, is a ridiculously weird thing to be writing), this one comes in at around third of four. It’s nowhere near the level of awesome that is the T-Pain app, slightly less cool than Snoop Dogg’s very-much-not-cool iFizzle [iTunes link], but still miles ahead of Diddy’s BlackBook [iTunes link]. Wait, is Diddy still considered a rapper? I thought he told us he wouldn’t stop. But then he stopped.

Lil Jon: The Official Soundboard in iTunes