Must… resist… obvious Dyson vacuum/fan joke…

AM01 10 inch blueDyson, the makers of the trendiest vacuum cleaners around, have switched modes. Enter the Dyson Air Multiplier, a fan that utilizes the same bladeless technology as the Dyson vacuum. Thing looks like a freaking jet engine sitting on your desk. A jet engine that keeps you cool, that is. John already got to check one out.

Have you ever noticed how when you’re in front of a regular fan, the air hits you all choppy and irregular? Me neither, but it must be big enough of a problem for Dyson to make this thing. The jokes aside, this thing has some pretty big upsides. The Air Multiplier can push out 119 gallons of air per second at a significantly less amount of power than needed for an air conditioning unit. The airfoil design amplifies the air stream by 15 times the intake amount.


Sir James Dyson himself showed off the new device. I can only assume he was knighted for his vacuum cleaner innovations. Who would have thought?



The airstream is fully adjustable, and the device pans and tilts to deliver that soothing feeling wherever you need it. It comes in a 10 in and 12 in option at $299.99 and $329.99 respectively.