My posse's on Google: Sir Mix-A-Lot gets mapped

Oh, newfangled world. You are so full of wonders. And people have so much free time to adorn you with useless but amazing things, like this Google map of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s escapades in “My Posse’s On Broadway.” In the end, he really only cruises down a couple streets then goes and eats (twice), but that’s not the point. Adam Cohn has recontextualized 80s hip hop into Web 2.0, which is a one-way ticket to either hell or heaven, I can’t decide which.

For those of you who don’t know the song:

It’s too bad that Taco Bell isn’t there any more, but we’ve got Taco Gringos and Rancho Bravo now, so no worries.

[via Crave]