Sonos s5: Mo' money, mo' powerful wireless speakers

If you’re familiar with the Sonos system, then there isn’t too much news here. In fact, there’s not too much news even if you don’t know what Sonos does. Let me break it down for you: the Sonos system is a nice, comprehensive wireless music system for your house that you can control via your iPhone. If you haven’t heard of it before and you’re wondering how to get your music collection to various rooms in your house, check out the demo.

The rest of you, think on your current Sonos speakers: are they good enough? No? Well, these ones are better. The focus groups they’ve been running must have gone something like “No, everything’s great, actually. I guess we could use a bit more power.” And that is how the Sonos S5 was born. Stereo tweeters and mid-range drivers, plus a sub in each unit.

Trouble is, these fancy magic speakers cost $400 each. Zounds! Of course, some would say they’re worth it. Personally, I just turn up my speakers loud enough that I can hear them in the shower or while cooking, but that’s not really the most sophisticated solution (though I must say it is elegant).