Yahoo Is Looking For A Few Good Yodelers (Or Really, Any Good Ones)

Screen shot 2009-10-13 at 2.15.17 AMDo you like sounding like an idiot? Does the thought of doing so in front of millions of people appeal to you? Then Yahoo has just the thing for you (or, rather, Y!ou).

Yahoo has just launched Yodel Studio, a site for you to yes, record yourself yodeling. The idea is for Yahoo users to remix the service’s signature sound for a chance at recognition, most notably, on Yahoo’s homepage which is visited by tens of millions of people each month. Yahoo is also pledging up to $130,000 for local and global charities on behalf of each yodel submitted.

So how do you do it? Well if you happen to be in New York City, London, or Mumbai, there are live events happening later today (NYC and London) and tomorrow (Mumbai). Professional recording booths will be set up and celebrities will be on hand to help you with your yodeling. People like Randy Jackson (from American Idol) and LeAnn Rimes will be in New York, along with Jewel, who apparently is one hell of a yodeler herself (watch the video below).

If you aren’t going to be in any of those cities, you have until November 8 to submit your yodel through this site. The recording is all done through the web browser and includes video. It also includes background tracks if you want to yodel along with generic rock or hip-hop beats.

The videos are already rolling in on the site. Wow. Feel free to post links to your yodeling in the comments, if you dare.

Obviously, this is a quirky part of Yahoo’s new It’s Y!ou marketing campaign. Will this bring Jerry back? That seems unlikely; if I heard all these people yodeling, I would run the other way as quickly as possible..