Japan's No. 1 company regarding patents is Panasonic, research company says

panasonic-logoJapan is the world’s second biggest nation in terms of patent application filing, but which company is leading the race in the country that’s home to world class tech firms like Sony, Toshiba and Thanko? Tokyo-based Patent Result thinks it has the answer: According to them [JP], the quality and quantity of Panasonic’s patents (filed in the past fiscal year) is unparalleled in this country.

Patent Result says Panasonic topped the list because of some valuable patents in the semiconductor and word processing software fields. The research firm gives points to all companies it scrutinizes, measuring the value of patents filed by the number of objections from competing companies, for example. It also took into account the duration of patents held by each company into consideration.

Panasonic claimed the top spot with 986,917 points, with Toshiba following at No. 2 (483,749 points) and Canon with 461,348 points. Hitachi is fourth (439,777 points), Seiko Epson is fifth (428,347 points), Sharp is sixth (414,359 points) and Sony is tenth (308,660 points). The only company not operating  in the electronics sector is Toyota at rank eight (368,196 points).