Amber Alert GPS device keeps kids close

gI_0_0_unitinhandWhat BrickHouse lacks in photoshop skills they more than make up for in caring for kids. BrickHouse sells the Child Locator, a little thinger that lights up when your kid moves up to 600 feet away from you, and now they have this. It’s basically a little tracking device that hangs off of your kid’s clothes and allows you to track them anywhere on Earth.

The Amber Alert device is not in any way associated with the real Amber Alerts – a fairly disingenuous bit of naming, if you ask me – but it seems like it could help out in worst case scenarios. It costs $379 ($279 if you act now) and requires a monthly subscription.

This is basically a little GPS transponder that transmits the device’s current location to a central server. You can then follow the device on a map. The technology isn’t earth-shattering, but it’s nice to know it exists. Seems a bit over the top to me.

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