And the winner of the HP Envy 13 is….

hp-envy-13Before I reveal the winner of the HP Envy 13, let’s go over the contest one last time. We hid seven words in seven posts over the last seven days. To be entered into the contest, you had to find all seven words, paste them into an email and send it to us before midnight last night. The first word, PACKARD, was in the initial contest post. It was then followed up by AUTOMOBILES, RENDERED, FORDS, OBSOLETE, TURF, and then finally yesterday, WARFARE. Out of the 1,300 correct entries, we randomly picked one winner and that person is…

…Marie T. from Maryland! Won’t you all join me in congratulating our winner!

No? You’re going to be like that, eh? Fine. I see how you are. You didn’t win a $1700 notebook and now you’re going to be a jerk about it. Well, I’m glad you didn’t win then. Marie would have probably congratulated you. She sounds like a very nice person so be happy for her. Maybe you’ll win something else in the future.