Cyberbike may be the largest Wii accessory to date


If you’re a Wii owner and you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Boy, there aren’t nearly enough available accessories for my console,” then maybe you’d enjoy blowing off some steam on a full-size Wii-compatible exercise bike. Yes, a bike.

The Cyberbike will apparently be available in January 2010 from German accessory maker Bigben Interactive. It’ll come with its own game, wherein you find yourself pedaling a weird helicopter bike for some reason or another.

According to Kotaku:

“The game that comes packed-in places you in the role of an eco-citizen, using your head and legs to clean up the planet. You clear pollution by riding over land, sea, and air, powering your strange vehicles with your feet.”


And while I can’t speak to the effect of being able to clean up large swaths of land simply by hovering over them on a helicopter bike, I can tell you with 100% certainty that if I don’t get my own real-life helicopter bike for Christmas I will burn… this place… to the ground.

The accessory is apparently also compatible with Mario Kart Wii. I’m not quite sure how you would steer, but maybe the handlebars shimmy from left to right.

There’s no pricing information available for the Cyberbike yet and, as a fully-grown Norwegian standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and tipping the scales at 230 pounds, I’d actually be more interested to know whether or not I’d even fit on this thing and, if so, how long it’d take for the apparatus to buckle under the pressure of an individual my size frantically pedaling like an eight year old in a neighborhood bike race.


Unless this tiny lady is secretly a center in the WNBA, I’m guessing this bike might not be meant for big kids like me.

Ooh, look! Just found a video, too. Enjoy…

[Kotaku via Crave]