Maybe, maybe not: New doubts on Blu-ray being part of the next iMac revision


I’m not about to knock myself out for noting the 800th iMac rumor of the past few weeks, so here’s the deal: people “close” to Apple now aren’t sure whether or not Blu-ray will wind up on the next iMac revision. Blu-ray may be on Mac Pros, and maybe then only as a build-to-order option, but that’s enough “maybes” to bore a slug.

Oh, also: maybe Apple will use Intel’s new Core i7 (Clarksfield) quad-core CPUs? I can’t name too many non-power user applications that even tap into a dual-core CPU, let alone a quad-core.

And now we wait for a new rumor tomorrow that will totally and completely contradict today’s. Sigh.

Oh, I’m also contractually obligated to use the phrase “bag of hurt” when doing an Apple+Blu-ray story. This complete my obligation.