You know Street Fighter, but do you know… Fighting Street?

Look back on your gaming history. 90% of you will remember Street Fighter II as one of the primary games of your youth. Great game, yes? Then why did you not play the first one? Everyone asked the question, and I don’t know about you, but I never really got a decent answer. I was perusing Magweasel and I ran across this gem. How come I never heard about this? Fighting Street?!


ddbIt’s actually just the PC Engine (Turbo GraphX 16 here in the US) version of the game, but I’m shocked that I haven’t run into it in a good two decades of gaming. It’s pretty rough compared with SFII Turbo (which I still consider the gold standard for fighters, along with the first Soul Calibur), and the portraits look like they were done by the Double Dragon guy, but it’s pretty much all there. Check out this playthrough; if you haven’t seen this before, it’s a really strange feeling, a bit like watching Doki Doki Panic or a similar precursor-type game.

Man, that music is pretty hot.