Hamburger keeps your mousing hand warm


As far as combining your love for keeping your mousing hand warm with your love for hamburgers is concerned, it looks like there are really only two options right now. One: you could buy this “Hamburger Warming Mouse Pad” for $15. Two: you could cook up a gigantic hamburger and stick your hand inside it. Keep in mind that you’d also have to stick your mouse inside it, so make sure to check with your workplace regulations to make sure that’s okay.

I love hamburgers, don’t get me wrong. But they’re made for eating. So I would personally opt for this USB hamburger warming pad for use during the cold winter mornings and then cooking an actual hamburger for eating in the cold winter afternoons.

The warming pad is “made of high quality wool and cotton” and – oh, good – it’s compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms. Because, you know, sometimes USB hand warmers can be very particular about which operating systems they work with.

The Hamburger Warming Mouse Pad features a maximum warmth of 140° F, which is insane. Although on the plus side, you could probably cook an actual hamburger in there at lunchtime.

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